At Freight Motion, we have customers who discuss various transportation issues they had in the past. We would like to share one here to raise awareness of underlying issues, market trends, and possible solutions.

The word relationship might not be the first thing that pops into your head when thinking about the freight industry.  However, our company’s foundation was built on that word.

We like to develop relationships with our customers, their customers, drivers, carriers, etc.  This allows us to not only have a wide range of options in our arsenal, but also trust that those options are solid. 

One example of this was about six months ago when a customer called us up with some interesting news.  Their product specifications were changing in size.  We had been shipping their product in a Dry Van, but with the change in size, it required a Flatbed.

Instead of calling their “flatbed guy” as our customer so eloquently called him, they called us because of our long-standing relationship.  They told us that his flatbed guy’s prices were really low, but the service was not great.

They asked us to quote and eventually move these new Flatbed shipments.  While our prices were not low, but competitive, he continued to use our services because of our long-standing relationship.

What are some of your experiences with relationships in your business?

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