We Believe You Deserve Better.

With the unbelievable lack of accountability in the transportation industry, who do you turn to when problems happen?  Do you talk with different people and hope they can help?  Most shippers use 2-5 brokers with no accountability.  Are you forced to solve problems yourself?  That’s our industry.  Your transportation company misses your Must Arrive By Date (MABD) and you get fined?  Why is that your problem?  Frustrating!

You do your job, why do you pay fines or shut down production because your transportation company won’t do theirs?

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We Care About Our Customers.

Your concerns, your money, your time and your success.

Our target customer is frustrated shippers in the lower 48 states who are responsible for LTL and time sensitive shipments.  They want problem free deliveries and are looking for accountability and honesty with repeatable results.

Please call or email.  Start with a few shipments, we’ll build for all.

We provide freight consulting, supply chain management and arrange transportation for small, medium and large businesses shipping to major retailers, distributors, and warehouses.  We also provide solutions for shipping freight direct to consumer.

Our Strategy is Simple.

Freight Motion provides superior service and competitive pricing so you can focus on what you do best!

Since companies and people are different, we start by understanding your business and transportation needs.  Together we forge trust and provide a solution that works for you so you are able to focus on daily operations and leave the headache of transportation to us.

Please call or email.  Start with a few shipments, we’ll build for all.

Our Services

At Freight Motion, we understand, live, breathe and thrive in transportation. Once the shipment is given to a carrier, it’s our job to get it there within the timeframe agreed upon. For retailers with a Must Arrive By Date (MABD), when we work with you, we Guarantee your shipment will arrive within the window OR we’ll pay your fines!


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