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Freight Motion is recognized for our passion and dedication to our customer's transportation needs delivered by a team of dedicated individuals driven to team success. Our job is to keep Your Freight…In Motion!

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Our Mission

Connecting People And Freight.

Our Mission is to solve our customer's logistical needs in a timely manner and professionally represent your company with simple honesty, reliability and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Bigger Than Freight.

Our Vision is to build the worlds most accountable logistics, warehousing and transportation company serving the US and Canada.

Our Core Values

Do the Right Thing

We represent the transportation industry with accountability, honesty and transparency.  We continually improve our service by learning from mistakes, never hiding from them.

Committed to Being our Best

We exceed expectations because we provide a personal experience for our customers.  Even with new and innovative technology, we still believe that people matter.  Each individual at Freight Motion brings our best daily.  This makes our company and our customers better.

Creative Teamwork

The amount of time and work that goes into transportation is staggering.  We communicate and build trust with you, your customers, carriers and our drivers.  We make things simple; allowing you to focus on your important tasks.

We find the best creative solution for our customer’s logistical needs by utilizing our resources, out of the box thinking and referring to past experiences.  Whether it be supply chain management, expedited shipments, time sensitive or emergency situations, there’s no issue too big.  Any issues that arise are solved to your satisfaction.

Be Passionate

Everyone is passionate about something.  Passion brings excitement to Freight Motion which transfers to employees and customers.  The more passionate we are, the more customers are attracted.

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